Shake that money maker

Reading text is boring, and the more intelligent of you will have already stopped... Our Fishfingers love making things move, and it's what we do best. Motion is an amazingly effective way of conveying concepts quickly and simply. We create animated videos, adverts, social campaigns and a whole lot more. If you're tired of seeing the same old static, pick up the Fishfinger phone.

A world of pure imagination

Master Storytellers

Through animation, our Fishfingers create fantastical stories. Giving your brand strong character and compelling narrative will captivate the hearts and minds of your audience.

Don't watch paint dry

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Motion gets 'dem juices flowing and makes your dorsal fins stand on end. Our Fishfingers leap at the opportunity to transform even the most mundane subjects into 'must-see' animated content.

Keep on moving

Animate Everything

Products, services, mysterious prancing Germans, there are no limits to motion. Whether it's for your website, social campaigns or digital billboards, we'll get those tastebuds tingling.

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