We’re Fishfinger!

A creative agency like no other.

We're a team of creatives that love nothing more than creating incredible stories. We specialise in branding, animation and web design; uniquely combining our skills to produce magical digital experiences. We don't do 'boring'. We pride ourselves on turning even the dullest subjects into must-see material.

The Fishfingers are always ready to create something unforgettable.

Monsieur Le Chef


Our beloved CEO, head chef and former Tour de France winner, Monsieur Le Chef, has finely crafted a collection of the most supremely talented Fishfingers since records began. They bring exceptional creativity, endless enthusiasm and pinpoint focus to every project they undertake.

Greatest Achievement:

Winning the Tour De France


Fishing, cycling & food hygiene


Co-founder and Chief Blogger

Monsieur Le Chef's best and only friend. Never seen without his cap, Dave is our chief blogger. Rumours of what's hidden under his headpiece are plentiful... a comb-over, Tupac Shakur or merely a passion for writing content...

Claim to Fame:

Donald Duck's stunt double

Favourite Pastime:

Moonlight waddles on the beach

Andy Warsole

Creative Director

Bullied at school because of the silent 'W' on his surname, Andy turned to art and graphic design. An award-winning creative genius, he will create a design masterpiece from anything.

Greatest Achievement:

25m swimming badge



Wendy W. Wrasse

Code Person

Graduating with a C++ at code school, W.W.W takes charge of turning our Fishfingers' dreams into digital reality. Wendy has never left her desk and furiously bashes on her keyboard day and night developing websites endlessly.

Greatest Achievement:

Solving the Da Vinci Code

Favourite Quote:

Give me a <br>

Cod & Sparrow


Cod may only have one eye, but that's what makes him the best 2D animator across the Seven Seas. When depth perception is required, his trusty bi-focal bird is always happy to cast an eye.

2nd Greatest Fear:

The Ocean

Favourite Operetta:

The Pirates of Penzance

Mr Salmon


Despite years of successful trading, Mr Salmon ensures that Fishfinger Creative Agency never posts a profit. Fishfinger's apparent losses have never seemed to stop him from splashing the cash.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

The Cayman Islands

Favourite Beatles Song:


Little Finger

The Intern

He's zero foot one but he's tons of fun and he dresses to a tee. He remains unpaid and his role is still a bit of a mystery... but he keeps turning up.

Favourite Tom Hanks Film:


Favourite GOT Character:

Petyr Baelish


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