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Please put on your headphones....
Get ready to be fishfingered


Please turn your screen....
or your head, but that might be
a little uncomfortable

Please put on your headphones...
Get ready to be fishfingered


That’s all folks.

They say all stories must begin with a fall.
Unfortunately for Le Chef, this fall was quite literal.

See, his birth was like no other. A baby born with moustache full grown?
The people wouldn’t have it and what ensued was nothing short of a witch trial.

Would Le Chef’s beginning also be his end?
Only time would tell...

Fortunately, fate smiled kindly on Le Chef
and a well-placed nest broke his fall.

Its inhabitants, a curiously-hatted duck named Dave and his family,
welcomed him as their own.

But fate had not yet finished its work.
Unbeknownst to all, an adventure was beginning to unfold.

As the years passed, Dave and Le Chef became the closest of friends,
their days spent exploring nearby lands and training for combat.

And so it was that one day, the pair heard an eerie sound calling through the woods,
and followed it to a hidden temple.

Undeterred, the intrepid companions ventured in.

Deeper and deeper towards the temple’s heart,
until they were greeted by the spirit of an ancient Fishfinger,

who sung tales of two ‘chosen ones’ that would save the magical kingdom
of Fishfinger Land from its dastardly invader. Dave and Le Chef smiled.

See, Fishfingers are famed for their creativity and skill and, if rescued,
would surely reward their saviours handsomely.

At once the duo mapped their course for Fishfinger Land.

Practical and determined,
Dave plotted a passage that would have them arrive safely in mere days.

But Le Chef had another route in mind.
More treacherous and far longer, but with a bountiful reward at its heart:

the Seaside Shack’s world famous Crab Bisque.
Neither man could resist, and so off they set.

The journey was perilous. In the Sea of Monsters,
Dave and Le Chef’s vessel was beset by a Kraken.

Its gargantuan tentacles lashed at their sails,
pulling them down into the deep,

and only with his trusty kitchen knife
did Le Chef fend off the beast.

When our adventurers arrived at the seaside shack,
it was everything they ever dreamed.

The crab bisque was truly exquisite.
The twosomes taste-buds tingled with pure excitement upon every mouthful.

Le Chef and Dave devoured delicious bowl after bowl
until their bellies could take no more.

So good was that bisque,
that Le Chef ordered a special takeout bag just in case.

They wandered amid volcanic lands,
teeming with strange creatures and even,

while navigating a long forgotten cave,
narrowly escaped the boulder from Indiana Jones.

But their biggest test
was yet to come...

Each day our comrades drew closer to the mythical Fishfinger Castle
its spires slowly rising over the horizon.

One morning they reached a dark forest that bordered the kingdom
and a chill ran down their spines,

for they realised their adventure was not going unwatched.

Still Dave and Le Chef ventured on and soon arrived at the gates of
Fishfinger Land, where upon a towering nemesis appeared from the lagoon.

It was the despicable Fisherman of legends told,
whose charge was to stop heroes such as ours from entering the kingdom.

Their fate hung in the balance.
A fight was at hand.

The battle was fierce.
Never had our companions met such a match.

With the daylight dying around them,
an exhausted Le Chef reached for his takeout crab bisque.

With the last of his strength
he threw a claw towards the fisherman’s one good eye.

It struck!
The Fisherman retreated. They had won!

Dave and Le Chef finally reached Fishfinger Castle
and were welcomed as heroes.

The legend of the Fishfingers’ creativity proved true,
the workmanship of their treasure was unrivalled,

and after being handed the key to the kingdom,
Le Chef spotted a canny business opportunity.

They would open...
a creative agency!


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