Brand Identity

Kindred Youth Theatre

The spirit of the brand is family. The word 'Kindred' is the key to the visual identity and the logo is where it begins. Kindred Youth Theatre have been running successfully for over 20 years, providing acting, singing and theatre workshops which are challenging and fun.

The Challenge

The challenge was to bring to life a brand that expresses its friendly and enthusiastic personality, a brand that embodies the core values of Kindred — the idea that theatre is more than just acting.

The Solution

Kindred is about having fun. Their love for promoting acting and theatre in a happy, positive light is where the approach was based upon.

The brand personality was expressed in multiple levels — a clean and friendly logotype, a bold and vibrant colour palette and a dynamic application of its elements.

The result is an identity that reflects its youthful vibrance throughout all areas of print and web.

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