2D Animation and Motion Graphics Specialists

Great animations are ideal for conveying concepts in beautiful simplicity or creating stunning lifelike visuals. A 30 second animation will transform pages of dull, lifeless text into must see content. Fishfinger videos are visually vibrant, flirtatiously funny, quintessentially quirky, extraordinarily effective (and sometimes we don’t even use alliteration...).

All of our animations portray clarity, personality, character and humour (where humour is appropriate!) into your brand.

Reading Text is Boring

Reading text is time consuming and often boring. It is vital to grab your potential clients’ attention quickly (and painlessly!). Fishfinger’s animators are masters at sucking-in the customer’s attention (often very limited!) and ensuring that by the end of the presentation they fully understand what’s on offer. However dry and/or complicated your product or message is, we’re here to make sure that the potential client will telephone you to get to know you better.

Why Use Animation?

Fishfinger clients use 2D animation for a host of different reasons. Sometimes it proves far more cost effective than making a full blown film video. However, we advocate that, cost saving aside, great animation can prove equally or even more effect and inspiring than film video.

Why Fishfinger Animations?

Learn the psychology! Nothing is more vital than friendly imagery. Please believe us that it ain’t as simple as bad animation makes it seem. We think long and hard as to the type of character we’re going to create to portray your company in a great light. We want... we demand, that the potential client engages with our imagery and not only understands it but ‘gets into’ our characters. There’s nothing our Fishfinger animators can't bring to life however boring you believe your product to be!

But it Ain’t All About The Animation!

As important as the animation is, we assure you that it runs a very poor second to the quality of your script. However great the animation, if the script is poor then, put very simply, it simply won't do what it’s meant to do, that’s CONVERT!

We at Fishfinger don't get particularly excited at the prospect of winning awards for our animations. Awards are normally given for illustrative creativity. All that interests us is whether the animation we have created is selling your product... That’s the litmus test!

Unlike the majority of creative agencies, Fishfinger’s Directors have first hand knowledge of running very successful commercial enterprises and we specialise in taking a very entrepreneurial approach with all projects. We understand business. If we don't have the confidence in the script that you wish to use, we will tell you so in very few words and will help you change it to a sales pitch that will work!

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